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Galaxy Of Academic Staff

More than sixty highly qualified, experienced, competent and popular Professors are teaching and guiding the students of Vinayak Classes either full time or part time. All our teachers have to survive the acid test of ruthless assessment by the student.

Each student is given a secret ballot paper for writing their frank opinions about every teacher. This system has continuously enabled us to maintain a very high quality of teaching by requesting ineffective teachers to discontinue.

The Administration At Vinayak Classes

The highly efficient and academically oriented administration carefully and closely monitors that:

  • The quality of teachers and the high standard of teaching is maintained through frequent and regular assessment of teachers not only by the management but also by the students.
  • Model solutions are readily given immediately after the tests are over.
  • Corrected test papers are distributed in the next lecture. (to make it easy for the student to assess their own answers as well).
  • The defaulters names are reported to the guardians, during the exam itself.

Vinayak Classes has evolved the best of systems over a long span of 45 years of dedicated hard-work and it has been following this system with very gratifying results year after year. All this takes TIME AND MONEY. But this is in the INTEREST of the students. Absence of ANY of these factors MAY save money but actually amounts to cheating the students.

Teaching Methodology At Vinayak Classes

The students’ interest alone, is our prime concern- As was, and is ALWAYS! the primary objective of each and every student is to achieve good results in the University exams and acquire absolute knowledge. This can be acquired through the right kind of education, imparted in the right manner.

For the right knowledge

  • The best of teachers impart knowledge.
  • Many more hours of teaching is offered, (as compared to the University, or otherwise) for every particular course. This ensures the satisfaction of every student. (this factor is also very important and often gets ignored by the students)
  • Vinayak Classes ensures that the best of study material prepared by the best of teachers is made available to the students.
  • The right manner of teaching is ensured through very regular Test exams conducted frequently.

Choose Success with Vinayak Classes!