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Dr Santosh Nemade“In 11th and 12th my son Gaurav was studying in Vinayak classes. In the last two years, my son has changed a lot. He has learned the habit of continuous study, he has started to understand the importance of time and this has become possible due to continuous follow-up by all teachers. All teachers are passionate and doing their work with full of dedication and devotion. Bhushan sir and Archana madam in the class always motivate the children. They pay close attention to each child individually. I am completely satisfied with this class. Thanks to all staff members of the Vinayak class.”
– Dr. Santosh Nemade

SHILPA ABHAY PENDSE“I Am Parent Of Aditi A. Pendse. She Is From Batch 2017-2018(Dadar Branch). We Have Great Experience From Vinayak Classes Their All Staff as well as Faculties Are So Helpful and polite.They Take Mettings On every month To Know The Progress of our Child. While Doing Masters In Chemistry They Give Apportunity To Work With Them. So I Am very Thankful for Vinayak Classes That They Give Ladder To My Daughter For Future Success.”


About Vinayak Classes

With guidance at Vinayak Class, our daughter has developed into a confident and capable child. Thank you for being such an important part in our child’s development.
Your expertise in teaching has put our minds at ease.
It is clear that our child’s literacy and numeracy skills have developed considerably while under the umbrella of your class.
Mr Sharad WaghWe are well aware of the effort you put into each child in your class.
Teachers put in so much more than 9 – 5 work hours. You’ve shown your commitment for our child and put in so much of your own time and effort.

By helping our daughter develop her social skills and feel confident in your classroom, you have been exactly what we were looking for.
The past year has been difficult for our family, and you have been a stable and supportive part of our daughter’s life through this time.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

– Sharad Wagh and Priyanka Wagh

Pro. Sandeep Kate“असं म्हणतात की कोणत्याही कामाची सुरुवात म्हणजेच श्री गणेशा गणपतीच्या उपासनेने करावी आणी शिक्षणाची सुरुवात विनायकाने. दादर येथील विनायक क्लासेस तर्फे माझ्या मुलीचे दहावी आणी बारावी या महत्वाच्या आणी आयुष्याला कलाटणी देणाऱ्या शिक्षणाची सुरुवात झाली. कोणताही क्लिष्ट विषय सोपा करून सांगितला आणी त्या माध्यमातून विषयाचा मतीतार्थ समजला तर ते खरे शिक्षण. विनायक क्लासेस मध्ये शिकत असतांना त्या विषयाची गोडी लागून तो विषय अधिक खोलीत जात समजून घेण्याची सवय तिला लागली हे पालक म्हणून आम्ही खात्रीने सांगू शकतो.

– Mr. Sandeep Kate

Shobha Shankar Daggula
Good coaching classes, very friendly staff and helpful teachers especially you and Sir, gave good attention to students.

– Shobha Shankar Daggula

Parent TestimonialsMy son has grown into a confident and accomplished young man thanks to the instruction at Vinayak Class.

It is evident that while in your class, my child’s abilities have grown significantly. Excellent coaching sessions, a warm and helpful staff, and excellent instructors and personalised attention.

Thank you

– Mr. KV Unnikrishnan

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