Last Minute Preparatory Tips for Medical and Engineering Aspirants

  • Be Well-versed with Subjects: It is essential to pay equal weightage to Physics, Chemistry and Biology / Mathematics as the exam constitutes question based on the same. Always remember that you must prepare keeping in mind the syllabus, patterns and importance of chapters so you can pay special attention to topics of utmost importance.
  • Don’t touch any new topic: This is the time to revise and go through already prepared topics. Taking up new topics will only lead to a panicky situation. It is advisable to be through with whatever you know rather than skim through new concepts and chapters.
  • Keep yourself update with changed Pattern: In entrance test, most of the question are not straight forward. In Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics, it is imperative that, you regularly practice numerical and be prepared for any question.
  • Regular Mock Tests: Run through last 5 years’ Mock Test papers. In analyzing your results, focus on your mistakes and never repeat them. It will help you understand the pattern and complexity of an entrance paper. A student should have taken at least 15 full length tests before taking the actual exam.
  • Time Management: It is a critical factor in preparation of any exam. You have to divide the time for each subject you prepare, instead of random preparation which helps you focus on all the topics and subjects. You should develop habit to writing as many tests as possible.
  • Don’t go for shortcuts: Use shortcuts only for solving numerical problems. It requires more analysis for problem solving in Physics & Chemistry, whereas in Biology it requires more memory power. The best way to memorize the structures is by drawing them several times.
  • Stay Calm & Cool : Taking too much stress and getting tense by uneasy situations is not desirable. It is good to take some time off and do things that rejuvenate you and keep your mind cool.

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